Getting you connected at Renovation….

Everyone needs to get connected to ministtry when they join a church family.  Below are some quick links that will help you, or you and your family, find a place to connect with others at Renovation Church.

Kidz Ministry

Every week our chilren are invited to participate in their own Sunday celebration.  They worship, learn, and even participate in hands on application of the lesson.  Click here to learn more….

Revamp Student Ministry

The youth of Renovation are presented with many different opportunities to learn, to grow, and to challenge one another.  They meet weekly outside of Sunday morning.  Click here to learn more….

Connection Groups

Discipleship is important at Renovation Church.  We want everyone to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.  Our groups are designed to connect you with community and encourage continual growth.  Click here to learn more….

Media & Resources

In order to help you grow, we want to make sure you are connected with the best media and resources.  We seek to provide you with access to our messages, articles, and other suggested materials to help you in your spiritual journey.  Click here to learn more….