God the Provider, All-Powerful and who is always Faithful to his Promises.

"Sharing God's Renovating Grace in Jesus Christ!"

God the Provider, All-Powerful and who is always Faithful to his Promises.

Amazing what God is doing to direct and provide for us, as we seeking to be

about his vision, mission and purpose. He gave us a location in an area where we will be able to do the type of ministry Jesus calls us to, ministering to the poor, the sick, the widow, the orphan, the fringe…as God calls us to his vision of being a church where equality is on display and experienced in Christ…as God calls us to reach those with his grace who are often overlooked or ignored. God led us to step out in faith and purchase a building in a neighborhood that is diverse in every way giving us an opportunity to “put our money where our mouth is.”

Then, amazingly, it looks like God is providing us a way to use the facility, but

be debt free and not overly burdened financially as we get started in uncharted waters…in and out of faith. An organization is purchasing our building (when their financing is completed) yet wanting us to office there and use the main area for worship, hoping we are able to minister to families they are associated with as well.

Stay tuned!! God is up to amazing things, challenging us to act on our words. God is providing for us to serve in unique ways. God is all-powerful, therefore able to do more than we can imagine or ask for. God is always faithful to his promise of providing as we seek his Kingdom first. Let’s be faithful to him and share his grace with others.

Our new location, 4900 Sanger.