Exciting Movements of God at H2HCF

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Exciting Movements of God at H2HCF

We are very excited about what God is up to with us. As you know, we sold the building because of the great opportunity we were given by God, sell the building and be able to continue to use it at no cost. This sell gave us the funds to begin taking strategic actions that will facilitate our growth to fulfill God’s vision for us and growth in numbers. We developed a declining budget from the funds we received from the sell. God provided.

Now, God is providing us with another opportunity, to move only .2 of a mile from this location to a more permanent location. We will be able to grow and have the kinds of ministry efforts we desire to serve this area well. The new location is 4809 W Waco Drive. The building is large enough to serve us a long time and large enough to serve the area in amazing ways.

Also, with the funds we received we brought on Cory Smith as the Associate Pastor who will develop ministries that will serve the church and community. We also have brought on Roy Jett on a part-time basis as our Celebration Pastor. Roy will develop our worship team, Celebrate Recovery team and be involved with our youth.

God is opening the door wide for us to step through in faith and action for Him. PRAY FOR WORKERS AND A HARVEST!!