Heart to Heart–RRRR

Heart to Heart is being blessed by the Lord!  We began in a living room with 9 people praying for direction from God, each one just wanting to do something for the Lord, reaching people with his grace.  From the first prayer together in June 2016 to today, June 30, 2017, God has led us to an airplane hangar in China Spring to a building on Highway 6.  We have gone from 9 to about 44 in our gatherings.  We have moved from theory to reality, from idealism to pragmatic realism–all the time seeking to follow God’s direction.

We aren’t doing things exactly as we planned, but what I have found, when I follow God and am open to where he leads, I have very seldom done things the way I planned.  We will need to be intentional about remaining true to our vision, mission, and priorities.  People need hope, rest, rejuvenation, restoration, and reconciliation.  People need to know, they mean more than facilities, programs, or budgets.  People need to belong, be needed, and have purpose.  Let’s be that church, where people, all people, NOT JUST TARGETED PEOPLE, but all people are able to find this healing life-giving environment.